Improving Curb Appeal

Home Improvement

A New Garden Bed

Pops of colour on the inside of a home can give it a warm feeling while retaining the look of straight lines and neatness. For those who have come to dread arriving home due to lack of curb appeal, a new garden bed can offer the same feeling. A few pops of colour mixed with greenery can make the front of the house look like a new home. This project may take a weekend, but it could be well worth the time investment.

A raised garden bed is often desirable because it is easier to keep the weeds out of it. That lets the plantings grow without interference, and it can become a neat and attractive new part of the landscape. This is often an easy do-it-yourself project for homeowners, and it takes few resources and time to complete. There are online videos showing how to create one, and taking just a few minutes to view several should help start the planning process.

Once the raised bed area has been created, filling it with soil is the next step. Many people purchase bags of potting soil, but that can be expensive. Local landscaping companies can often be a more affordable way to fill most of the bed, and the potting soil can be added as the top layer. For those without their own truck, most companies will deliver locally. Using this method gets the soil level up where the plants will be seen from the rest of the yard and the road, and it will ensure plenty of depth for plants to grow.

Planning what plants should be placed in the new bed can be a wonderful family project. Many types of plants will only flower for a specific time period or only during certain seasons. The choice of plants could include a mix to create colour during most of the year for continued enjoyment.