Improving Curb Appeal

Home Improvement

Radical Trimming

Shrubs and bushes can grow faster than homeowners can keep up with them, and their shaggy looks could create a haunted appearance to any home. Rather than stressing over the need to keep up with the issue, a radical trimming might be in order. When bushes, shrubs, or hedges have grown far beyond their former shape, cutting them back almost to the ground can help reshape them. They could spend as much as half a year before they turn green and pretty again, but it might be the only possible solution.

Making the decision to do major shrubbery cutting all at once might make the house look bad for a while, but new growth can often be kept under control. The effort needed to trim weekly might be too much for owners, so they should consider hiring a service. If that proves to be more expensive than their budget can handle, trading out greenery for slower growth could be a good solution.