Improving Curb Appeal

Home Improvement

Touching Up the Trim

There are times when it makes sense to paint an entire house for a fresh new look, but it is not always possible. The homeowners may not have the time or money to invest in a big job. That does not mean they need to forego an opportunity to create better curb appeal, so touching up the trim might be a good option. Many times that alone can bring a house out of the world of drab and into the new world of noticeable.

Styles change over the years, and the same is true for paint colours. A grey house with blue trim might have looked smart a few decades ago, but that blue could be dragging the grey down into the ground. Choosing a lighter complementary colour could spruce up what house with just a little bit of paint and work. It may take it from drab to darling in less than a weekend.

There are many different colours that can be used for trim, and they should always be matched against the basic colour of the house. A grey house with blue paint could be too dark, but a cream trim might look smart and fresh. It will lighten up the grey that may have been aging, and it can create a clearer definition on the doors and windows.

There are some times when a darker colour could also help change the look of a building. That grey house might suddenly turn heads when the trim goes from blue to red. No longer a stodgy member of the neighbourhood, it suddenly has appeal for those who see a bit of brightness has been added. It can create an entirely new facade with just a few swipes of paint around the doors and windows, and it can make an older house look new once more.