Improving Curb Appeal

Home Improvement

A New Paint Job

Houses need refreshing on the outside, and paint can cover plenty of the issues that might be making the house look less than pristine. While broken or loose boards might need a bit more work, most houses can look better with a new paint job if it is applied on a fairly regular basis. Many of today’s paints last for up to a decade, so it is not one of those jobs that will take time out of every summer. Choosing an updated colour might also be a big help when it comes to making the house look refreshed.

Cleaning is one of the first steps most homeowners will have to take before they can paint their home, but others might need to begin by trimming back bushes. Either way, clearing the path for a new coat of paint is the goal to be achieved. For those who find some parts of their home need a bit of scraping or replacement, doing it on their own or hiring a professional should be done before the paint goes on.

There are plenty of good ways to paint a house, and the options largely depend upon the work the family wishes to put into the project. Spray painting used to be the exclusive property of professionals, but there are now plenty of inexpensive models on the market. It can take much of the work out of getting the job done, but it will take a bit of work to cover doors, windows, and trim before turning on the sprayer.

Some people enjoy painting with a brush, but it can take a lot longer to get the entire house coated. One option would be to paint the trim and edges of the house with a brush, and the rest can be done using a roller with a long handle. It offers a compromise on time, but the new paint will look just as good.